Architect Dominique Perrault's 'Lightwalk' displayed at French Embassy in Seoul

 人参与 | 时间:2023-12-12 02:01:59

World-renowned architect Dominique Perrault unveiled details of an ongoing project at Seoul’s Gangnam Intermodal Transit Center at an exhibition held at the French Embassy in Seoul on Thursday.

The exhibition centers around a newly published book that introduces the history and implications of the transit center at the heart of Seoul, which will become the largest underground station in the world.

“The 'Lightwalk' will bring a change to the history of underground space in Seoul. It will be hard to think of an underground space without light after it. The Lightwalk will mark the city's 'before and after,'” the architect said at the opening of the exhibition, speaking in French with a Korean interpreter.

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