Jeonju offers self up as destination for fall reading retreat

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JEONJU, North Jeolla Province -- Less than two hours' KTX ride from Seoul's Yongsan Station, Jeonju in North Jeolla Province is a beloved destination for travelers due to its picturesque hanok village.

In 2020, the Culture Ministry designated Jeonju as a "Tourism Hub City," along with Busan, Gangneung, Andong and Mokpo. Since then, the Korea Tourism Organization has been working to boost international tourism to the designated cities.

In 2021, the city rebranded itself as the "City of Books," inviting both residents and tourists to savor the joy of reading surrounded by natural beauty.

As part of this initiative, Jeonju has been opening libraries with diverse themes throughout the city. The city proudly boasts a high ratio of libraries per capita, and it hosts the annual Jeonju Reading Festival, a celebration of reading and publishing culture.

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