iStaging Asia eyes patents for spatial web tech

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iStaging Asia, a joint venture between South Korean company I&OK and Taipei-based iStaging, said Thursday it has applied for a total of three patents in the field of three-dimensional spatial web transformation.

The patents include: 3D spatial transformation from a 2D model, 3D spatial editing and 3D floor plan rendering.

The technologies will enable businesses to transform their products into 3D models by simply recording a video of a product with a smartphone, which also reduces costs and time.

Creating a 720-degree video -- 360 degrees both horizontally and vertically -- is also possible within a minute. Once the recorded video is uploaded to a cloud platform, a layout editor can customize it with photos, text and audio to explain products to customers.

Since 2015, iStaging has been collaborating with globally renowned real estate companies including Remax and AECOM to mass-compile spatial data. Its AI technology has been trained on this database, enabling it easily to recognize and identify objects including walls, ceilings and desks from a recorded video.

Using the technology, European luxury brands including Louis Vuitton have already been converting their products to 3D and displaying them in virtual exhibitions.

“iStaging has been introducing various 3D technologies to the market since 2015,” said iStaging Asia CEO Choo Sun-woo.

“In particular, since our collaboration with Google‘s (former augmented reality computing program) Tango in 2018, we have been expanding our presence in the field of augmented reality,” Choo said.

iStaging‘s latest technology is currently undergoing testing for use with augmented reality glasses.

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